Saturday, 20 December 2014

How to winterize your air conditioning unit?

The air conditioning system of your house is a huge investment and plays an important role in your family’s comfort, quality of life and safety. As the winter season approaches, you may want to winterize your unit to secure it against the chilly weather conditions and save it from catching rust. Performing a few tasks will ensure that your unit remains in top working condition all year long.

Shut down your unit properly

Proper shut down of your air conditioning unit is very important if you want the machine to survive the tough winter months. Cutting the main power off will prevent someone from accidentally turning your machine on and will also prevent unnecessary damage to the unit.

Clean out the space surrounding your appliance

Make sure there are no sticks, leaves, branches, clutter, bushes, or debris in the two foot radius around your AC. This should help in preventing rust damage and clogging. Apart from this, it will also discourage any animals from taking on a cozy residence within your system. Install rubber pipe and tubular foam insulation with elbows and tees around pipes to secure against freezing.

Fact – animal damage is the main reason of harm to AC units.

Cover the unit

Cover the machine with a vinyl or plastic sheet. Some manufacturers sell covers designed specifically for air conditioning units, but you can also use vinyl or plastic covering that fits your unit. Wrap ropes or cords around the AC cover to keep it protected. Make sure the sheet is secured tightly so that it does not blow away during extreme weather conditions.

Also, check your AC covering thrice a month to make sure it is absolutely secure. Brush snow, ice and water off the unit. Remove pinecones, twigs, and other debris from the cover.

Pay equal attention to your furnace

Once your AC unit has been secured, it is time to pay attention to your furnace. Before turning on the heat during the cold winter months, perform a complete
tune-up of your heating system. One of the best ways to ensure the furnace is performing well is to have your unit cleaned by a professional.

In order to make sure your precious HVAC is performing well throughout the year, it is important to take good care of it. By following the aforementioned DIY tips, you can definitely save yourself a lot of repair fee later on. It is also wise to get in touch with an expert for help.

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  1. This was really interesting. I honestly did not even know that that was necessary. I think that is probably because of where I grew up. I was born in a pretty warm area and winter just did not really happen. I ended up staying here and I feel like I am a little ignorant when it comes to cold weather.

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