Thursday, 29 January 2015

What type of equipment does your HVAC unit consist of?

Before buying or repairing an HVAC unit, it is important to know what it consists of. HVAC offers three functionalities (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) that are combined together to form a single system. The system has been developed to adjust to the modern construction requirements for business establishments and homes. HVAC units have evolved with time and have been able to adapt to the changing needs. The most general problem that was linked to traditional systems was the cost. However, more and more homes and establishments are enjoying these units today because they are cost-effective and energy efficient.

Here is a comprehensive list of products under the HVAC system:

HVAC blowers and fans 


HVAC blowers and fans are those fragments that are used for air movement. They make an important part of the air handling system as they help in bringing fresh air into the rooms. They can be mounted above a ceiling or on top of an outer wall. In some circumstances, they may also be utilized as part of a duct fun. Products that can ascribe to this category include plenum fans, ventilation fans, duct blowers, roof fans, inline fans, vane axial fans and centrifugal blowers.

Chillers and controllers 


HVAC controllers and chillers are also a popular part of HVAC units. HVAC chillers are essentially refrigeration systems that are employed in industrial and commercial establishments. These systems work with the help of refrigerants, water, oils and other such fluids. HVAC controllers, on the other hand, are those parts that are used for monitoring environmental factors indoors. They can monitor heat and temperature which leads to regulation of coldness and warmth of air flowing within an establishment.

Other important HVAC parts:

  1. Circuit boards - comprising of timer panels and control panels.
  2. Compressors - used for pressurizing and compressing air that can be released in quick bursts.
  3. Thermostats - responsible for keeping the temperature constant.
  4. Accumulators - a common part of the HVAC system. They are the suction lines on an air conditioner.
HVAC units use a variety of technologies to perform their functions. While some cool and heat using electricity to change air temperature; others are hydronic systems that heat water and circulate it through in-floor pipes and radiators in order to offer warmth to the rooms. When looking to buy a HVAC unit, it is important to consult a professional to get a basic understanding of the functionality and efficiency each brand offers.

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