Friday, 21 November 2014

How to maintain your heating and cooling system?

Ventilating, air-conditioning and heating systems, also known as HVAC systems, are not only important for maintaining "thermal comfort," but can also ensure "good air quality.” However, without proper servicing and cleaning these machines may lose their efficiency and may eventually stop working. Experts believe, with proper know-how anyone can take necessary steps to keep the systems running.

How to perform regular HVAC maintenance?

Filter inspection:

Start by inspecting the HVAC filters and changing them with new ones every six months. In case you notice blockages on your filters during the monthly inspection, change them straightaway rather than waiting till six months.

Also, when replacing filters, it is important to choose the right brand. Not all brands offer the same efficiency. Talk to an expert about the best filters available in the market for your HVAC system.

Disinfect evaporator coils:

Damp evaporator coils are prone to molds and mildew. Use a solution of bleach and water to kill any 
growth on the coils. Once disinfected, clean the coils thoroughly. Indoor and outdoor evaporator coils have a tendency to get caked with dust deposits and debris. Scrub both the coils with the help of an acidic cleaner.
Make sure you wear gloves and a mask to secure yourself from both the airborne mold spores and bleach. Also, turn off the HVAC system for your safety.

Clean up excessive water:

Get rid of stagnant water pools near the air-intake vents, particularly those close to or on the roof. You can clean up the excessive water with the help of a rag to prevent molds. Some buildup is fine, but if you find pools of water accumulating near your HVAC system more often than once in six months, there is a good chance that your system has other issues.

Inspect the fans:

Another important regiment is to inspect the HVAC fans, bi-annually. Fans have a tendency to fill up with debris and dirt, lowering the air flow and efficiency. However, make sure you turn the system off to keep away from injury from the rotating fan blades. Clean up the area with a damp rag in case of minor dust deposits, or with soapy water for dried dirt.

Get professional help:

It is wise to hire a HVAC technician to inspect and clean your system every year as part of your maintenance regiment. Professional cleaning can give the best results, and a meticulous inspection will let you know about any major problems that need attention.

Central cooling and heating units play an important role in maintaining a comfortable temperature. To make these systems work flawlessly the whole year round, it is important to take good care of them. Clean and change the components regularly. Also, in case of a fault, call up a professional to handle the problem. It is advisable not to attempt repairs of your HVAC system on your own.

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