Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to hire an HVAC expert

We never place enough importance to the professionalism of the HVAC technician who is hired to maintain or repair the home cooling or heating system. We always feel that periodic checks are important to keep the home comfort systems healthy, and for this, any technician is okay. Usually, we tie up with the local agency or contractor, who sends across a technician for the periodic checks and maintenance required. It would do us a wealth of good if we are aware of our comfort needs and how important they are to us before we actually hire a technician for our comfort system. 

Growing comfort needs 
All of us like to enjoy life with comfort and ease. This is the reason we see air conditioners and heaters being installed in almost every other home and definitely all corporate offices.

But, installation of comfort systems requires competency and skill that not all technicians have. The HVAC technician should also have knowledge of plumbing to conduct efficient installations. It does not stop here. Once the installation has taken place, periodic checks need to be conducted to ensure system efficiency and long life. Cleaning and maintenance is required at regular intervals to enjoy continued comfort. 

For all this we require a skilled heating and air conditioning service technician who will perform periodic maintenance of your heating and air-conditioning systems. These regular checks can also identify the prospective repairs that are likely to take place in the future. A good technician will also maintain the right system efficiency and foresee any major problems and fix them well in advance.

Hence, the need is not just for a technician, but a HVAC professional who knows his job and will save our families from any domestic hazards, such as an ignition or a major repair. But do we place as much importance to the technician as we should? 

Spare a second thought

Have you ever given a second thought to the technician who has come over to have a look at your heating and cooling system? Can you tell if it was the same person who came the last time for the periodic check? Have you ever seen his license or any form of proof to ensure he is a professional? 

Most of us never spare a second thought to the technician. We just do not bother about the person’s professionalism or skills as long as our systems are well maintained. Conscious effort is required to understand the technician who comes to our house. After all, we trust him with the lives and well being of our families! 

Here are some tips that can help us source and hire a good HVAC technician.
  • Look for a company that houses a team of professional technicians. Usually, such companies boast of the Technician’s Seal of Safety. This seal of safety symbolizes the contractor's commitment towards his job and these companies will always employ skilled personnel as their reputation is at stake.
  • Ask your technician about the maintenance of the system. Timely checks means coming on time and conducting all the required checks essential for smooth working of the system.
  • Maintain a checklist and ensure that all checks mentioned are completed at regular intervals.
  • Remember, professional technicians not only provide timely services, but also offer advice on any impending repairs or breakdowns.
  • A little market research on the reputation of the HVAC contractor can work wonders. If you get good reviews on the contractor from your neighborhood, you can safely hire him.
  • Reference check with the clients the HVAC company has worked for. A competent contractor will never hesitate to share the names and addresses of its clients. Call a few of them and check on the professionalism of the contracting company. Questions on the effectiveness of the contracting system and quality of service they render go a long way in hiring the right technician.
If you are hiring a company that will send a technician periodically, you can ask some of these basic questions before you actually hire them for you HVAC maintenance needs. These include questions on 

a. minimum education and skills of the technicians
b. knowledge of the different types of energy rating comfort systems have
c. estimated price for each type of job
d. technicians' experience in the field
e. timeline for work such as installation or repairs 

Hiring a technician with care will ensure a long and satisfactory relationship.

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