Thursday, 27 June 2013

Stop Uneven Heating and Cooling with Home Energy Audit

Are you among those who are irritated because of inadequate cooling in their house? Does your house have cooling that is uneven, even if the thermostat has been set right to give just enough cooling to keep you comfortable? Do you keep opening and closing the vents or adjusting your thermostat to maintain the right amount of cooling within your house? If yes, then this uneven cooling is due to uneven airflow in the house. 

Hot and cold spots in various parts of the house are annoying and depict inefficient cooling systems. Uneven airflow, which causes uneven cooling inside the house, can cause harm to your HVAC systems. It not only increases your energy costs, but also reduces the working life of your systems. 

Factors That Cause Uneven Cooling 

There are numerous factors that can cause uneven cooling. Some common ones are: 

1. Ductwork: If the flow of air in certain parts of the house is imbalanced, you will experience uneven cooling. This airflow imbalance also could be due to ducts of improper size, and/or leaks and blockages in the ducts.
Remedy: If the ducts are not properly sized, you will need to replace them with ones of the correct size. Blockages and leaks, if identified, need to be removed to restore proper airflow. All these problems can be promptly fixed by the HVAC technician. He will find the underlying causes for the imbalance and do the needful. 

2. Speed motors: Uneven cooling or heating could occur due to the speed motor in the air conditioner. Check to see if your speed motor is a variable speed motor. 

Remedy: If your system does not have a variable speed motor, replace the existing motor with one. This type of motor provides even heating and cooling. It also allows for better control of airflow throughout the house. The motor moves the air slowly through the system, helping the air filtration and moisture control systems work more effectively and efficiently. 

3. Size of the air conditioner: The more you experience discomfort with uneven cooling, the system too is trying to compensate for the cooling by working more. This extra effort by the system is likely to increase the energy bills and reduce the life of you system. Improper size of the system can be a major cause for uneven cooling. Incorrect load calculation at the time of installation or significant change in the heating or cooling needs since installation could be the cause of uneven cooling. A system of lesser capacity than what are required provides inadequate and uneven cooling. 

Remedy: Check if the system you are using for cooling your indoors is one of the right and required size, and replace if necessary. 

Home Energy Audit

Do you know that there is professional service that could save you all the hassles of heating and cooling systems? This service is especially beneficial for houses that have uneven heating and cooling of indoors. 

This service is known as the ‘home energy audit’ or a ‘professional energy audit.’

A home energy audit presents a comprehensive picture of the state of the heating and cooling system that is fitted in your home. This audit is conducted by a professional HVAC technician. Many professionals offer such an assessment free of cost. 

A reputed energy auditor can assess your home systems and identify the areas that cause the uneven heating or cooling problems. He may also perform some tests, like the blower test. The blower door test will determine the air infiltration rate of your house. If your energy bills are high, such an auditor will be able to identify the cause for the problem and correct it as well. 

It is highly recommended that houses that have uneven heating and cooling should opt for an energy audit, especially after your area has had a harsh winter. This is the time when issues related to the ducts, thermostat settings, worn-out indoor weather seals and water leaks are most prevalent.

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