Tuesday, 22 September 2015

HVAC Systems: 4 Basic Facts You should Know

HVAC systems have become more and more commonplace in the United States. You can see these units in commercial buildings and homes. However, the issue is, most people still don’t know how to handle these machines properly. Some even think that such units do not require any kind of maintenance. Here are some four basic facts you should know about an HVAC system to get the most out of it.

What is your HVAC system?

An HVAC system refers to a commercial or residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit.  Technically, this includes the entire structure. The focus of this article is on whole-structure systems since they are the most popular, cost-effective and efficient. These systems normally comprise of an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, a web of duct work and a filter.

Fact 1: Not all systems are created equal

You have a variety of HVAC systems available for installation including those with AC/furnace combinations, heat pumps, and gas furnace hybrids that depend on heat pumps. The efficiency and quality of the HVAC can vary greatly, even when they are all required to follow performance guidelines.

Whether you are looking to buy a new HVAC system or are giving an upgrade to your older unit, it is extremely important to hire a professional service provider who can suggest the most efficient and reliable units available.

Fact 2: You can save money on utility and energy bills if you’re smart

The concept of ‘comfortable temperature’ varies from person to person, but the need to save money on the utility and energy bills is global! Saving more cash is as simple and easy as increasing the temperature through the thermostat. Using the right components along with proper insulation can save considerably on the heating and cooling bills.

Fact 3: HVAC maintenance is extremely important

Never underestimate the significance of regular, scheduled maintenance of your machine. Proper upkeep means fewer dollars spent on repairs and more money saved on utility and heating costs.

Early summer and spring are the best months for AC check-ups and maintenance. Fall is best for heating maintenance. Stay prepared with optimal operating efficiency before you need your HVAC in full blast.

Fact 4: Using dual fuel heat pumps is more beneficial

The effectiveness and productivity of heat pump HVAC systems is growing steadily in popularity, because they have the ability to do it all: they offer cooling during the warmer months and heating during the cooler months, that too at a reasonable price.

Program the dual heat pump system to function with the outdoor temperatures. Decide an upper range to activate the electric heat pump and decide on a lower range to trigger the other fuel pump.

Apart from keeping these facts in mind, it's always a good idea to contact a local HVAC contractor for tackling any concerns or questions about your HVAC needs. They will make sure your needs are well taken care of. One of the best ways to search for reputed HVAC contractors is to search online.


  1. Basic maintenance of your HVAC system is so important. Without replacing the filter for example, you create a very dangerous fire hazard and your unit does not work as efficiently. If you have regular maintenance service on it, your system will continue to run it's best and will last as long as it is supposed to. http://www.arlingtonheating.com/services/heating-ac-installation.php


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  3. These really are four basics that that people should know about. That way you can go about things in the correct manor. Then you can go about getting air conditioning maintenance that is perfect for the exact system that you have. This is something that is good to know about without a doubt.

  4. Great facts you listed here! I'd have to say that you are very right that maintenance is quite important. Just like anything else you own, you need to maintain it in order for it to work properly. Changing the filter should be something you do often. It doesn't need to be changed each month but checking on it from time to time would be a good idea. http://www.drewgreenheating.com/heating-and-cooling-services.html

  5. You made a great point about how HVAC maintenance can help me save money on repairs and on energy bills. I liked that you specified that it's best to have my heater inspected during the early fall. This seems like a good time since it would allow time for any needed repairs before winter. I should try to have my HVAC maintained and repaired in this time frame so that I can feel more comfortable during the winter. Thanks for the tips!

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