Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fix your Noisy Air Conditioners

Have you ever heard your air conditioner making peculiar sounds? If the answer is yes, then it is time for a little update on some important facts about your air conditioner.

You should start with observing the kind of sound that your air conditioner makes. Here are some types of sounds that air conditioners can make: clicking, tweeting, chirping, rattling, squealing, humming and grinding.

Are you surprised? Well, you ought to be! Especially, if your air conditioner is making any of these sounds.

So what is that you need to do if your air conditioner makes noises?
Noises that come from the air conditioner can be indications that there is something seriously wrong inside.

Clicking and ticking sounds: If the air conditioner makes noise similar to clicking or ticking, it might indicate that some part within is not working fine. One possibility of repetitive clicking could be a problem in the system’s relay function. In such an instance, you need to call the electrician for help. Clicking or ticking sounds in the system normally relate to problems in the electrical portions. It is best mended by an electrician.

Rattling and Squealing Sounds: If your air conditioner is making sounds that resemble rattling or squealing, it could mean that there is something wrong with the outdoor fan. On the other hand, this type of sound could also mean that there is a foreign particle inside, such as a twig or a branch, leaf, or stick. These may have fallen on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner and can be the cause of these noises. Debris such as toys, rocks or mulch can also get caught inside the system and cause the noise. It is best to call a technician to repair the fault. Their training and tools will help them detect the area of fault and rectify it immediately.

Tweeting or Chirping Noises: If you hear sounds from your air conditioner that resemble the chirping of birds, especially when the system is switched on after a long break, you need not worry. This type of noise is common at the beginning of a season. Since the unit been shut for a long time, and it indicates that the machine needs a bit of warming up. Of course, all the gadgets need to start working again after a long rest. However, if the sound continues persistently, and shows no sign of reducing, it is of concern.  In such a case, it is best to seek professional help.

Grinding or Humming Noises: If you hear your system humming, there is every possibility that it needs lubrication. It is not uncommon for the motor in the AC unit to make a humming noise. This is no great threat to the air conditioner. Yours could be one of those units that come with unsealed motors. Such systems need to be lubricated at regular intervals. The lubrication can be in the form of SAE 10 oil that needs to be placed in the oil ports. It is a good habit to oil the air conditioner motor at the beginning of each summer.

There can be other noises from the air conditioner. A central air conditioner can be noisy when there is a problem in the condenser. There are several ways to solve these, but it is best to call a technician to look into the problem. However, if your unit is very old, it you can replace it with a new one. 

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