Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Advantages of Replacing Your Old HVAC System

People in San Jose often have come across this question - do I repair my HVAC equipment or get a new one? 

Well, if your system has become old, you may definitely need to consider this question.  You may also face this question if your energy bills are high and increasing by the month. If you system is noisy, it probably means that there is some part inside that is wearing and tearing and a major expense may be round the corner.  

Considering the fact that new technology keeps coming and there is constant upgrading where equipment is concerned, it is definitely better to consider replacing your old system with a new one. 

Here are some advantages to replacing your system over repairing it.  

1. Energy Savings: As HVAC systems grow old, their efficiency reduces and their energy consumption increases. Studies say that a 10-year-old air conditioner can consume about 50% more electricity in comparison with a new one. The air conditioning and heating systems that have recently come into the market are definitely more efficient. You can save a lot of money by way of energy bills. 

2. No Repair Costs: An aging HVAC systems is a definitely costly as it attracts constant repairs. You can calculate the amount you have spent on repairs yourself by taking a look at your last two years’ bills. If you have replaced any major components like the compressor, evaporator or condenser coils, you are likely to spend on them soon too. A new system will give you relief from repairs for a few years.  
3. Competitive Rebates, Incentives, and Loans Rates: As new technology replaces the old one, new HVAC systems come into the market. Competition in the market increases as there is an increased variety available for customers to choose from. Competition paves way for rebates. The government offers tax credits for systems based on green technology. There are also special financing offers available from dealers and manufacturers. You can take advantage of these and consider purchasing a new air conditioning and heating system. Repairs do not have any rebates. 

4. Less Noise, Quiet operation: New systems boast of noise-free operation. Reports say that both the external components and internal air handlers have become much quieter than their yesteryear counterparts. New technology claims that you will not even hear your HVAC system working. It is that quiet. Replacing your old system with a new one enables you to enjoy the quieter new equipment with zero noise pollution. 

5. Environmentally-friendly: There may be a point where you may feel that from a financial point of view, your payback period is longer than you expected. You can consider that you are helping the environment by saving fossil fuels and slowing down CO2 emissions. Though it may be difficult to calculate the saving in terms of actual dollar, it makes sense to add this benefit to the environment. 

6. Greater Reliability: With a new system, you are assured that there are zero chances of an event of breakdown when you least expect it.  Studies say that older equipment break when they are needed the most, usually in summer when the usage is the heaviest. If your system is old and the summer is coming up, you could make a smart buying decision and bring home a new HVAC. 

7. Better comfort: If your home has hot spots in summer and cold spots in winter, there may be a problem with the size of your air conditioner or heating system. It is often seen that over-sized air conditioners turn on and off quickly, but the air in the room has a damp feeling. New systems deliver more comfort and better air circulation.

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