Wednesday, 27 March 2013

When to replace my HVAC

Everyone goes through the dilemma regarding which would be the right time to replace your old air conditioning unit with a new one. Though millions have experienced similar conflicts and confusions, there is definitely a life time for HVAC units too. The new unit will have the most efficiency in terms of cooling and energy consumption. As time passes, and the unit get older, its efficiency reduces. It starts to step in the pedal of power consumption and slowly you find your energy bills increasing. 

How good are regular maintenance promises?
Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is not only essential to reduce wear and tear, but also helps in increasing the life of your air conditioner. Now, the obvious question is: Does not reducing wear and tear increase the life of the system. Yes, it does, but regular and professional maintenance is much more than that. It helps keep your system clean, ensures healthy indoor air circulation and helps monitor the aspects of parts that are most likely to wear in the near future. 

Regular and planned maintenance can help smooth sailing and a lot of unexpected expenses. Trained technicians will be able to warn you before time about the part or parts that are likely to fail in the future and also provide suggestions for their repair and efficiency. 

In no way can regular maintenance help in making your system run efficiently for decades together. Eventually, you will need to make a decision to get a new air conditioner and there are a number of reasons for that replacement decision you will need to take.


If your air conditioner is noisy, this could be the first sign for you to begin thinking about getting a new system. Noisy systems often do not cool the room evenly too. When you find your system groaning when you switch it on, you can be sure that its days are beginning to get numbered.

Increased energy cost

Air conditioners that are losing time begin to consume more and more electricity. This happens when its efficiency begins to decrease, and the reasons could be just too many. When you see your energy bills increasing, you could start getting aware that your air conditioner is probably getting old. This is one of the signs that you need to get a new system for yourself. 

If your air conditioner is more than ten years old, it is definitely time to start looking for a new one. Often people make the mistake of getting a technician to do the repairs and hope to get across for another few years. This is not so. Typically, your air conditioner can consume about two times more electricity that even new, low-end one would.

Frequent repairs

If you need to call the HVAC technician often because your system decides to go awry every now and then, you are definitely on the path of replacing your air conditioner. This means that the parts inside the air conditioner are beginning to wear and repairing them is only a temporary solution. 

Each year there is a leap in technology. New and improved technology replaces the older one. Hence, products that come into the market are based on the latest technology. When you replace your old HVAC system with a new one, you are actually bringing home new technology that is the need for the hour. Systems based on the latest technology are usually pretty energy efficient and translate into savings in the long run. 

The factors described are some of the common signs of air conditioner aging and a brief overview of the common dilemma most people face. When you come across even two of the problems mentioned, you need to take a quick decision for buying a new air conditioner- and before the old one breaks down completely.

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