Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Winter care for your air conditioners

Air conditioning units are a blessing in hot summer months. They work like faithful slaves throughout the season, helping to keep your interiors cool and comfortable. Remember the days when you longed to reach the cool, fresh interior of your home? And how often some of you have prayed and hoped that your air conditioner should not decide to go awry in summer.

A necessity, not luxury

Air conditioning has become a necessity for all households. They are no more the luxury of once upon a time that only the elite could afford. They keep your room free from dust and dirt that would otherwise enter your rooms if the windows are kept open. This in turn saves you the hassle of periodic cleaning and cob webbing. 

Not only do air conditioners cool your home, they also make you feel welcome after a hot day at work. 

They bring a smile on your lips and help you unwind at the end of a busy day. Can you imagine your life without that little unit that always works silently, is most undemanding and probably your best friend during the hot summer months?

Handle with care

Like all appliances, air conditioners, though they are undemanding, need care. Make sure all filters are clean, drain pipes free of clogs and periodic checkups take place to prevent any major repairs, which have a habit of sneaking in when you least expects them. Not to mention the hole they will leave in your pocket. 

Usually, in winter, we don’t give much thought to our air conditioners. We just take for granted that just like a piece of furniture, air conditioners will also stay put where they are and nothing needs to be done. Well, air conditioners too need a little attention and care in winter. 

Here are a few pointers that will guide you towards maintaining your air conditioner in winter. 

While most people do not bother much, some make sure that their air conditioners are either dismantled and packed way for the winter, or use protective covers to prevent cold and keep debris at bay. It is recommended that air conditioners be covered during the winter months.

Covering air conditioners during the winter not only keeps the cold air from seeping into the rooms, but also discourages wildlife from making your air conditioner their winter home. 

For central air conditioning units, you could consider using plain mesh covers. This will keep the debris as well as small animals at bay. 

Removing the unit from the wall and storing the air conditioner for the winter is probably the most energy efficient option. 

If, for some reason, you are not too keen on removing the air conditioner, you can simply cover the unit. But before you do so, inspect all seals around that are around the frame before placing a cover. This will not only increase energy efficiency, but will also prevent heat leaks. 

You will need to ensure that covers can be placed on both the inner and the outer portions of the unit to prevent drafts and heat leaks.

For those of you who want to dismantle the unit for the winter, you can do so, but with some help from a friend or a neighbor. Once the unit is removed, check for all the wire and plug holders. Then place the unit in a towel of sheet you don’t mind using. This will prevent you from messing up your floor if there is water still inside the unit. 

Now you friend, the air conditioner can be left in its temporary home, the attic or the garage, to enjoy the well –earned sabbatical.

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